What Is an Enterprise Blockchain? – CoinDesk – Coindesk

What Is an Enterprise Blockchain? – CoinDesk – Coindesk

An “enterprise blockchain” is a type of permissioned blockchain that can be used to streamline business processes at scale, such as track supply chain goods or settle global payments.

Corporations believe this type suits their needs better than a public blockchain network, such as Bitcoin, because the visibility of their data can be restricted to a select group of people.

While there are different types of blockchains, they are all essentially digital records of financial transactions and data that are shared among a group of entities. They also use cryptography to make it difficult for malicious agents to manipulate the history of previous transactions. 

Facebook, IBM, JPMorgan, Walmart and Intel are just some of the big companies exploring enterprise blockchains and how this modern technology can be leveraged to improve transparency and optimize existing business operations.

Enterprise blockchain FAQs

How is an enterprise blockchain different from other types?

A vast majority of enterprise blockchains are “permissioned blockchains,” meaning companies have direct control over them. For instance, they can block transactions that do not comply with their rules, or if law enforcement asks them to do so.

This is one of the biggest differences that sets permissioned ledgers aside from public ones like the one Bitcoin is built on. Public blockchains exist outside the control