These Blockchain Projects Should Be On Your Radar – Entrepreneur

These Blockchain Projects Should Be On Your Radar – Entrepreneur

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As the blockchain economy continues to grow, new projects are emerging and working to make their mark in the space. With the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies recently surpassing $1.5 trillion, there is a lot of room within the industry to grow. One example is the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement, which emerged into the mainstream eye in 2020 and grew to over $50 billion in market cap. This recent run has proven that the market will reward innovative and functional blockchain technology projects, which promise disruption. 

Below we will identify 10 of the most groundbreaking blockchain projects and applications currently launching and scaling, with some positioning themselves to be the cornerstone of a new generation of digital asset heavyweights. 

DAFI Protocol

DAFI Protocol empowers web3 and DeFi protocols with the ability to reward their early adopters and devoted users in the way that they are meant to be. Upon integration with DAFI, protocols will have the power to distribute synthetic versions of their token as rewards to their early adopters in a truly elastic manner, based entirely on network demand correlation. 

DAFI’s game-changing feature is in its ability to translate network demand-volatility with token reward supply-volatility. This means that the number of token rewards in user wallets automatically increases or decreases based on real network demand. These supply adjustments, otherwise known as “rebases”, seek to