Life-sciences pros believe in AI, blockchain: survey –

Life-sciences pros believe in AI, blockchain: survey –

Life sciences group the Pistoia Alliance has released a comprehensive survey gauging life-science professionals’ views on the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology in the life sciences. The findings indicate a high level of interest in AI among respondents, with 57% currently engaging in computational drug repurposing.

Also, the findings revealed that awareness of blockchain has increased; 89% now are cognizant of the technology, compared to 82% just three years ago. However, even considering this increase, the survey indicates lack of access to people with relevant blockchain skills remains the biggest barrier to widespread adoption (selected by 30%).

Pistoia Alliance consultant Dr. Becky Upton discussed the survey with Outsourcing-Pharma, and how companies might overcome blockchain barriers.

OSP: Could you please talk about the overall evolution of the use of blockchain in life sciences R&D?

BU: Over the past decade there has been significant hype around blockchain, but we are now seeing this conversation progress as new applications of the technology appear. In life sciences, it shows promise due to its trusted, auditable, transparent and disintermediated system of record.

For example, in clinical trials with its ability to create tamper-proof records it’s likely to become a key part of increasing patient participation as more clinical trials are conducted remotely because of the pandemic. The security advantages should both improve patient trust and facilitate further knowledge sharing across the life science community.