How Blockchain Technology Is Transforming Online Gaming Landscape – Bitcoinist

How Blockchain Technology Is Transforming Online Gaming Landscape – Bitcoinist

The advent of blockchain technology has revolutionized and disrupted many industries from finance to transportation, supply chain to healthcare, and many more. Currently, the gaming industry is feeling the disruptive impact of blockchain technology, and it is so beautiful to see. The gaming industry has come a long way from its humble beginning. If you ever played Super Mario on a 16-bit gaming console, you will understand how the once simple gaming industry has evolved to what we are seeing today.

With the introduction of blockchain technology in the online gaming landscape, we are beginning to see a complete revitalization of the gaming industry. According to a report by Dappradar, over 800,000 unique active players connected to blockchain-based games in the early third quarter of 2021. The report also highlighted that the number is expected to grow exponentially in the last quarter of the year. Today, there are a number of blockchain-based gaming projects setting the pace in the transformation of online gaming. A good example of these blockchain gaming projects is IQeon.

What Blockchain Offers To Online Gaming

Blockchain technology has impacted the online gaming industry in many ways. Here are four of the major ways the online gaming industry has been impacted by blockchain:

1. Gamers earn income while playing

Before now, gamers spend their money, time, and energy playing games just for the fun of it. Today, blockchain-based gaming platforms like IQeon, players are directly paid to play the game. Here, users can convert in-game currencies into IQN tokens.